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Maui Zipline Adventures

Zipline Maui

Soar high above and through the tree line on a safe zipline course. Not only is this one of the more fun and exciting activities to do in Maui, it also is educational. While you take the short hikes from zipline to zipline, you'll be treated by a well-informed guide with information about the local foliage, animal-life and local culture.

Skyline Eco-Adventures
(808) 745-1323
Haleakala Course: 1 1/2 - 2 hours
Kaanapali Course: 3 1/2 - 4 hours

Molokini Snorkeling

Molokini Crater

Often if there's swell in the water or the weather isn't perfect, Molokini will be your best bet at finding clear waters to snorkel. This sunken volcanic atoll is a marine sanctuary, making it ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. The amount of life on the reefs can be incredible! Pride of Maui offers some of the best rates and best trips.

Molokini Snorkeling
Toll Free (877) TO-PRIDE
101 Maalaea Boat Harbor Rd., Wailuku
Many different trips available!

Maui Ocean Center

Maui Aquarium

Visit the turtle lagoon, hammerhead harbor, hands-on tide pools, realistic interactive exhibits, and a 750,000 gallon salt water aquarium with sharks, sting rays, and large fish with a 54 foot long clear tunnel for you to experience the open ocean. Maui Ocean Center is regarded as one of the best aquariums in the world!

Maui Ocean Center
(808) 270-7000
Open Everyday!
9-5pm, tilll 6pm in July & August

Maui Scuba Diving

Scuba Adventures

Treat yourself to a unique and exciting underwater experience with Scuba Mike's scuba diving tours on Maui. Perfect for all levels, from beginner scuba divers to advanced, Mike offers highly rated scuba diving tours, certification options and lessons. With over 30 years of experience, Mike will take you to the best diving locations around Maui.

Scuba Mike
(808) 250-5494
7 Days a Week!

Maui Pineapple Tours

Pineapple Tour

Take a scenic tour of pineapple fields and visit a working pineapple operation! You'll learn about the various cultivation techniques, about the growing cycle, and taste pineapple at each stage. They have lunch options at Hali'imaile General Store and you get a free pineapple with each tour.

Maui Pineapple Tours
(808) 665-5491
903 Hali'imaile Road, Haliimaile
9:30am-11am or 11:45am-1:15pm

Family Portraits on the Beach

Maui Portraits

Nothing captures your trip to Maui better than a professional portrait taken on the beach. Grins 2 Go in west Maui can take these photos at your convenience on a beach near you. Their expert Maui photographers will travel to south Maui, or take photos in Kaanapali (or anywhere else you may care to be.) They're friendly, talented, and inexpensive. Call them today!

Maui Family Portraits
Call today! (808) 242-1424
7 days a week!

Maui Sailing Adventures

sailing adventures

Sit back, relax and enjoy panoramic views of Maui's gorgeous scenery with one of Trilogy's famous sunset catamaran cruises, like the daily Kaanapali or South Maui sunset sails or weekly Aloha Friday sunset sail! Appetizers, alcoholic beverages, and live music included. Perfect activity for all ages & a great way to see Maui's beauty from the water!

Trilogy Excursions
(808) 874-5649
Sunset Sail: 2 hours
Snorkeling Trips: 5-8 hours
Whale Watching: 2 hours

Whale Watching

Maui whale watching

In the winter season, Humpback whales migrate across the globe to Maui waters in order to mate and give birth. At peak season, it's very difficult to look out at the ocean and not see some kind of surface behavior by these huge mammals. Watching them from a boat breaching nearby, singing their songs below you, and enjoying a good sail while you're at it is worth the world.

Maui Whale Watching
Toll Free: 1-800-736-5740
Whale Season: Dec 15th to May 15th

Maui Kayaking Tours

Maui kayaking

While on a kayak, you not only get to enjoy a great sport, but you're able to go snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, and see parts of Maui that are rarely seen. Maui Kayak Adventures will take you on any one of a number of great tours near your hotel/resort. Honolua Bay, Turtle Town, the Pali Sea Cliffs, and other great spots off the south and west coast of Maui.

Maui Kayaking
Toll Free: 1-808-442-6465
Great for all ages!

Maui Rafting Adventures

Maui kayaking

Take your snorkeling adventure to the next level with Redline Rafting. Hop aboard the fastest raft on Maui and cruise to the front and back side of Molokini Crater, La Perouse Bay to see the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, and snorkel with sea turtles at Turtle Town. Experience the waves and great views of South Maui from the raft, which offers a more adventurous and less crowded way to get out on the water! 

Redline Rafting
Toll Free: 1-808-757-9211
Kihei Boat Ramp

Maui Fishing Trips

Maui Fishing charters

Enjoy the best in Maui Bottom Fishing aboard Marjorie Ann, the 36' Chesapeake Bay fishing boat. Small groups ensure personal attention and proper coaching for beginners, and experienced crew will help you catch the best and tastiest fish available! Tours include bait and tackle, and private charters are available for sport fishing, whale watching, sightseeing and sunset cruises. Excellent staff and rates.

Maui Fun Charters
(808) 572-2345
101 Ma'alaea Boat Harbor Rd. Slip #97

Maui Roadsters

Maui Roadsters

Explore Maui in an iconic, classic car from Maui Roadsters. These 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster reproductions are fun to drive and offer a unique way of seeing our island. Drive above the clouds at Haleakala, along rugged coastline to Hana, or to your own remote beach. These classic cars are also perfect for weddings, groups and corporate events.

(808) 339-6204
Maui Roadsters - 122 Kio Loop, Bay 3, Kihei
4 and 12 Hour Adventures

Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui Helicopter Tours

Even those of us born and raised on Maui are shocked at how many new areas of Maui are revealed when on a helicopter tour. You can't get to a lot of these spectacular spots in any other way. Waterfalls, volcanic coastline, and lush rainforests await you on the ride of your life.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

West Maui Mountains, Molokai, Hana, Haleakala and even trips to the Big Island.

Maui Snorkeling

Sailing in Maui

We believe there's no better place to go snorkeling than over the reefs of Maui, Hawaii. Travel to nearby Molokini Crater on Kai Kanani (one of the newest catamarans on Maui.) They enjoy an unshared location in convenient Makena, just outside of the Makena Beach & Golf Resort.

Kai Kanani Sailing Charters
(808) 879-7218
Morning Snorkeling: 2 hours 15 min
Sunset Cocktail Cruise: 2 hours
Whale Watch Cruise: 2 hours

Island Art Party

island art party

At Island Art Party, you're only a brush stroke away from Picasso. With expert guidance, you'll transform your white canvas into a masterpiece! No painting experience is needed, and if you need help loosening up, just grab a glass of wine or beer from their bar. While most people bring home seashells, you can bring home a piece of art painted in paradise!

Island Art Party
(808) 419-6020
1279 S. Kihei Rd #109
Kihei, Maui, HI 96753

Dinner with a View

Mill House Restaurant

The Mill House Restaurant, located conveniently at Maui Tropical Plantation, offers a gorgeous location for live music events in an open-air setting, as well as exciting offerings from award-winning Chef, Jeff Scheer, of The Mill House Restaurant. They serve lunch and dinner with a changing menus created around the fresh produce harvested from their organic farms on property each day.

The Mill House
(808) 270-0333
1670 Honoapi'ilani Hwy
Waikapu, Maui, HI 96793
Restaurant Open Daily, Events Scheduled Weekly & Monthly

Massage, Yoga & Spa

Massage Maui

Not only do they cater to visitors who could use an inexpensive, quality massage, Massage Maui will take no-fault insurance if you've been in an accident! They have many different packages for you as well as your partner. Get a facial, massage, reflexology, mud wrap, hot yoga classes, salt scrub, and many other exotic ways to treat yourself!

2 Locations:
(808) 357-7317
Massage Maui - 145 North Kihei Road, Kihei
Paia Yoga Spa - 161 Hana Highway, Paia

Maui Camping

Massage Maui

Camping is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to see and experience the best areas of Maui. With campgrounds in exotic locations on the beach, along ocean cliffs, near waterfalls and on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano, we recommend an SUV or Truck Rooftop Camping rental from Camp Maui-X, or other options like their camping equipment kits or guided Camping Excursions. So fun!

(808) 298-5828
Camp Maui X
On-Call 24/7

Bike Down Haleakala Volcano

Bike Maui

Another unforgettable Maui experience is biking down the slopes of Haleakala Volcano. This dormant volcano reaches a peak of 10,023 feet above sea level. Ride from the base of Haleakala National Park effortlessly for miles at your own pace. There's very few better ways to see the island of Maui than on a bike.

Haleakala Bike Company
(888) 922-2453
Drive Time: 2 1/2 hours
Ride Time: 1 1/2 - anytime (Self-paced)

Malolo Snorkeling

snorkel boat whale watching in maui

A great budget value for all ages, Malolo tours offer snorkeling excursions to Maui's most memorable snorkeling locations, including the stunning Molokini Crater and South Maui's famous Turtle Town, where guests have the opportunity to snorkel with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and beverages aboard the 55 foot catamaran.

Malolo Snorkel Charters
(808) 856-4274
Maalaea Harbor Slip #87

Road to Hana

Hana Maui

You've heard it again and again. "You MUST do the Road to Hana!" Driving to Hana and back is a lot of fun, but not for the weak-stomach. You'll make many twists and turns while passing numerous waterfalls, beautiful cliffy coastline, and through tropical rainforest. Ride withthe windows down to indulge in the jungle scents. Order the Road to Hana CD for the best experience!

Road to Hana
Road Closures: (808) 986-1200

Maui Luaus

Maui Luaus

No trip to Maui is complete without at least 1 luau experience. There are around a dozen different luaus available on Maui, all of which offer authentic feasts, live music, hula dancing, cultural craft-making displays, historic narration, tropical cocktails, Imu ceremony, and fire knife dancing. Choose the right luau for you and your family, and you'll be back again next time!

Maui Luaus
Toll Free: (808) 892-3177
Show & Dinner Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures


Ever dream of being a mermaid? Now you can swim over tropical reefs and with the fishes while sporting a beautiful mermaid tail. Two hour lessons with a certified guide instructor and lifeguard allow you the confidence and knowledge to be a mermaid with ease. And the photography is included, so you'll have something to brag about when back from your trip.

Maui Mermaids
Toll Free: (808) 495-8919
Lesson Duration: 2 hours

Other Maui Activities

Maui Helicopter Tours

Though helicopter tours are very expensive, they're often worth every penny (especially if you've never been up in one before.) You'll areas on the island of Maui that can't be seen in any other way. Waterfalls and valleys that can't be traveled to on foot or by car can be accessed on a Maui helicopter tour.

Whale Watch

Humpback whales journey from Alaska to Maui waters every year during our winter (December 15th to April 15th.) While here, these massive mammals mate and give birth to their young. The surface activity witnessed is something that brings visitors back to Maui year after year in order on a Maui whale watch.

Scuba Diving

There are countless world-class diving spots around Maui. From the Cathedrals off of Lanai to the backside wall of Molokini Crater, you'll find locations that meet the desire of any level diver. Learn more about scuba diving in Maui.


Molokini Crater is a volcanic atoll close from the south coast of Maui. It has an arched shape that keeps swell from disturbing the clarity. It is also a natural preserve for both fish and birds, further enhancing their symbiotic relationships. It's always an adventure when snorkeling Molokini.

Surfing Maui

There's no question that we love to surf in Maui. The waves aren't quite as good as on Kauai or Oahu, but we get our fair share. For those learning, we have plenty of spots that are conducive to amateur learning. For advanced surfers, we have some pretty heavy waves during the winter season. Learn more about surfing in Maui.

Free Activities

Free activities include going to the beach or going hiking. There are a good amount of things to do in Maui that are free (or cheap) if you look hard enough. Look for activities near your hotel and for things to do that don't require much fuel. Take a look at this list of things to do in Maui for more ideas.

Costly Activities

Cost for activities can sometimes be an issue. Some of the most expensive activities include helicopter tours, private boat charters, and ziplining. Helicopters and boats rely on expensive fuel and crew members. Ziplining can cost a lot depending on who you book with. Make sure to look around!

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