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Natalie Brown Photography

Photography Maui

Natalie has shot over 150 weddings on Maui and counting. Her experience is matched by her skill as a photographer and her warmth as a member of your wedding.

Your wedding photos are very important, and it's nice to not have to worry about them. With Natalie Brown you can concentrate on having fun while she captures your special day.

Maui Wedding Photography
Weddings & Portraits

Maui Boat Weddings & Events

ocean wedding

Whether you're interested in a full wedding ceremony, fun family reception, pre & post wedding entertainment or elegant rehearsal dinner, Trilogy and their team of personal wedding coordinators are prepared to make sure all your needs are met on your special day.

Leave planning up to the pros and enjoy romance and spectacular views from the water! Full wedding services and top notch service provided.

Trilogy Weddings & Events
Providing memorable & unique wedding services

Maui Luxury Car Rentals


Luxury car rentals are a perfect way to arrive and depart a picture-perfect wedding in Maui. With Maui Roadsters, choose from a fleet of 1957 Porsche Speedster Convertible reproductions and enjoy a romantic drive in style.

These cars are the perfect addition to wedding portraits and ensure your special day is truly unique and memorable. Both the service and cars are excellent!

Maui Roadsters
Providing style and luxury on your special day

Maui Minister

Wedding Minister

Whether you're having your vow renewal or wedding ceremony, Brad Salter will help make it a wonderful event. His warmth and positive nature melt away any stress, which gives you the opportunity to truly be in the moment.

Not only is Brad a fun person to work with, but he is incredibly professional along with excellent connections to help you with your wedding.

Maui Style Wedding
Bringing love & brightness to every ceremony

The Mill House Restaurant

Maui Catering

The Mill House chefs are incredibly passionate about the culinary arts and it shows with the creativity they bring to the restaurant and weddings.

We think the ultimate in cooking is when a chef aspires to challenge themselves regularly, and that's just what they do on a day to day basis, notably their weekly Maui Chef's Table events, which sell out almost everytime.

Mill House Restaurant
Catering for large and small events

Hawaii Wedding & Vow Renewal

Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

With over 25 years of experience in wedding planning on Maui, Hawaii Wedding & Vow Renewal is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs, including licensing, ministers, photographers, and location planning.

Couples can choose from a variety of wedding packages, which include customized options to make sure your day runs smoothly, as well as several unique ceremony options.

Maui Wedding Services
Wedding planning & packages.

Maui Videographers

Maui Videography

A truly good videographer captures all the important moments without being noticed themselves. Sean Michael Hower and his team at Maui Wedding Medias manage to remain completely unobtrusive while taking photo and video of your wedding.

Having a wedding video is a wonderful way to remember all of the fleeting moments that make up your special day.

Maui Wedding Videographers
Providing quality video and photo memories

Maui Wedding Locations

Maui wedding locations

Where should you get married in Maui? On an estate? On a quiet beach? Well, whatever you do, you should see all your options first. This can be difficult when planning a destination wedding, so we're glad to have found this list of wedding locations.

Here you'll find multiple photos and descriptions of some of the best beaches and estates to get married at in Maui, Hawaii.

Maui Wedding Locations

Maui Wedding Tips

Tan Lines

Beware of the sun! Often times brides will work on their tan before the wedding. You can't undo overdone tans. So, keep this in mind. it's always better to be a little light than a lobster. AND wear a strapless bikini. Strap tans can ruin your look when wearing a strapless dress, and you'd rather your photographer concentrate their photoshop magic on the things you DON'T have control of.

Sunset Timing

Make sure to be aware of the sunset time. We suggest you speak with your photographer when it comes to scheduling the ceremony and romantic photos. Often, wedding planners are thinking about everything other than the romantic sunset photos. The sun only sets for a brief amount of time, so make sure you have enough time for it.

Group Photos

Ask someone in your wedding party or family that knows the most people to help organize group pictures. Your photographer doesn't know that Aunt Josephine needs to be paired with your cousins in photos, but you and your designated friend will.


Though on the south and west side of Maui, you're likely to not get rained on, there are a few spots that are considered rain belts. You'll find that Kapalua and Napili have a belt of clouds that often rain on the area. Big Beach area in Makena has the same thing, though it rains less. Plan accordingly with back up plans or tents and umbrellas.


Don't lock your knees when at the alter! This can be a big mistake because many grooms and brides have toppled over during the big moment. Stay loose and have a slight bend in your knees the whole time. Also, make sure to eat and drink a little something before the ceremony. It's easy to forget, and there's nothing worse than passing out on your big day.

Beach Weddings

Remember that all beaches on Maui are public. This means that if you decide to get married on a beach, there's a pretty good chance that people will be lounging there. There's also a chance that someone else might plan on getting married there at the same time! It's usually not a problem, but if you're concerned, consider booking a private location (an estate, resort lawn, or private residence.)

Maui Weather

Wondering what the weather will be like? Did it say that there's a chance of rain on the report? Don't stress too much. At any given moment, it's raining somewhere on Maui (usually on the North side or in Hana.) It still might rain during your wedding, but you're pretty safe on the south or west side. If you're having your wedding closer to winter time, it could get wet even on the south or west sides. So, think ahead, rent a tent for the reception or have it indoors.

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